Thursday, April 17, 2008

Teen Pregnancy Statistics

All statistics and facts are from the California Department of Education website.

"70% of teen mothers drop out of high school, making pregnancy the primary reason young women drop out early. Only 30% of teen mothers complete high school by age 30, compared to 76% of women who delay parenthood until age 21 or older."

"California's birth rates to teens are between 4 and 12 times higher than are the rates for France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan. In 2001, more than 53,000 teens - nearly 5% of all teens aged 15 to 19 - gave birth in California, and many more became pregnant."

"The California Department of Finance conservatively projects a 23% increase in annual teen births in California within 5 years resulting in approximately 12,500 more California teen births in 2008 than there were in 2001."

"Only one out of five teen mothers receive any financial support from their child's father."

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