Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teen Mom Film

This is a film I made two years ago. The girls interviewed are Hilltop students.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Casting Call

I am looking for models size 0-6 for my fashion show that will benefit the students of Hilltop high school.

All the clothing will come from local designers. The fashion show will be in the afternoon on Sunday May 25th at Chez Spencer restaurant.

Models will be required to attend a fitting, a model walking class, and a dress rehearsal.

If you are interested please send a head shot and a full body shot along with height and measurements to me at:

Teen Mom: a fashion show to benefit the students of Hilltop high school

Teen Mom: a fashion show to benefit the students of Hilltop high school

Sunday, May 25th

Chez Spencer Restaurant
82 14th Street at Folsom

All the proceeds go to the Hilltop School. Hilltop is the only high school in San Francisco dedicated to the education of teen parents. Their mission is to: “enable pregnant and parenting teens to progress towards completion of their secondary education, to make responsible and informed decisions, to have healthy pregnancies and healthy families, to become responsible, effective parents, and to become contributing, well adjusted, self-sufficient members of their communities.”

The Hilltop School does an amazing job of educating teen parents, both in academics and in parenting. They want to do more, but because of lack of funds they can’t. One of the greatest challenges that keeps teen mothers from graduating from high school is transportation. To increase the attendance rates, Hilltop needs funds to create a taxi voucher system that will provide transportation for their students. Many of the students come from all over San Francisco and have to take multiple buses and travel great distances. This is difficult enough, but even more challenging when you are traveling with a newborn baby in a stroller, a baby bag, and a backpack. Hilltop would like to put together a taxi voucher system and distribute a certain number of vouchers to each girl, which they can use in urgent situations.